MAR 22, 2024
Q&A with Kee Jing Zhi
There are a lot of interesting sites in Singapore where we can create unique projects.
NOV 10, 2023
Lookbox Living
A 'shophouse' to store a lifetime collection of art
Freight Architects reimagines a shophouse for a collector of art and ceramics in Oku House, where nature and light prevail.
OCT 22, 2023
CNA Luxury
A home surrounded by nature, and filled with memories
This house embodies the homeowners’ ideas of home and is a sanctuary from the crazy whirlwind work and school life.
SEP 30, 2023
Habitus Living
Oku House
Freight Architects reimagines a shophouse for a collector of art and ceramics in Oku House.
SEP 07, 2023
The Business Times
A tropical house inspired by Islamic architecture
Vestibules, a common feature in Moroccan homes, bring light and breeze into this semi-detached house.
AUG 20, 2023
Architect Kee Jing Zhi Focuses On Accentuating Transitional Spaces
Kee Jing Zhi, co-founder of Freight Architects and KAPA, believes that the transition between rooms and spaces should be dramatised and recreated with a story.
AUG 03, 2023
d + a
Accentuating Transitional Spaces
The award-winning architect is passionate about the study of Liminal and Threshold spaces.
JUN 25, 2023
CNA Luxury
Why Singaporean architect Kee Jing Zhi enjoys designing childcare centres as much as he does luxury houses
Designing for children and for homeowners is the same for architect Kee Jing Zhi: The aim is to create spaces that they can be happy in.
JUN 08, 2023
design anthology
Freight Architects appropriates the traditional shophouse typology
An in depth look at Clifton Vale House.
AUG 17, 2022
Inde Awards
Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre
This development provides a new typology for childcare centres in parks and also a test bed for future childcare innovations in Singapore.
AUG 17, 2022
Sengkang Riverside Park Centre
As part of the Singapore Government’s efforts to reinvent and improve early learning spaces, the Early Childhood Development Agency is experimenting with unusual locations for childcare centres.
AUG 11, 2022
Urban Redevelopment Authority
Learning from play
How are children learning from outside the classroom? Architect Kee Jing Zhi explores the evolving design of early learning spaces.
MAY 20, 2021
The Business Times
Safe haven for the pandemic
How an architect designed a home for a pandemic.
OCT 31, 2020
CNA Luxury
A House inspired by the gardens of Suzhou
The design drawing from concepts of the famous Classical Gardens of Suzhou in China.
JUN 14,2019
Eurasian Prize
Kee Jing Zhi to serve as jury for Eurasian Prize
Kee Jing Zhi will serve as a jury member for the 2019 Eurasian Prize.
MAY 14, 2019
Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre wins FGLA 2019 Merit
Freight bestowed with FGLA 2019 Merit for the Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre.
Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre
The design for this architectural icon is focused on one thing: integration.
Sengkang Riverside Park Centre by Freight Architects
Freight Architects offer new possibilities for government childcare centres in Singapore. Is this INDE.Awards 2018 Shortlisted project the start of another chapter in Singapore’s ‘city in a garden’ story?